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How to Fall Off Your Bike Without Getting Hurt: 3 Helpful Tips

by The MORRgear Team August 31, 2016

Experienced mountain bikers and newbies alike have their fair share of wipe outs. Pushing yourself to develop or test new skills could cause you to become  separated from your bike. Or through no fault of your own, an obstacle suddenly appears. Sometimes catastrophe just happens. To to help make the best of a bad situation, t here are some good techniques you can employ in the event gravity overtakes you. Here are 3 tips for How To Fall Off Your Bike without getting injured.

How to fall off your bike without getting hurt

Keep Your Hands on The Bike At All Times

According to the biking website The Bike Noob, keeping your hands on the bike during a fall doesn't feel natural but can save you from nasty wrist and arm injuries.

Tuck Your Head In and Form Into a Ball

This will help you roll into a fall and reduce the overall impact when you fall off your bike. The idea here is to protect your head and limbs.

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Stay Loose And Try To Fall On Your Side

The Bike Noob says that landing on your chest or back can cause serious injuries so try to shift you your side as you fall. Also staying loose is key. This seems counter intuitive but can help you avoid serious injury.

This isn’t to say following these tips will make you invincible, wear MORR Protective Gear while riding and be vigilant of your surroundings. Bike safe!

The MORRgear Team
The MORRgear Team

We like to get outdoors and “do.” Mountain biking is one of many passions. We are always looking for the next breakthrough that will help us do what we love for as long as we want to (i.e., the rest of our lives). Gear that protects prolongs.

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