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MORR Eyewear Review - "Kudos To The New Kid On The Block"

by The MORRgear Team November 04, 2015

There's a lot of thought that goes into every pair of MORR sunglasses. Our sport glasses are designed to protect your eyes, but it goes beyond that. We've worked very hard to develop a line of eyewear that doesn't hold you back from fully enjoying the sports you love to do and works to enhance your experience. We set the bar high for quality and performance, and we're constantly grading ourselves based on testing and reviews from the people who wear MORR Protective Gear. When we saw Karl Rabke's review posted on our Facebook page, we were thrilled. Feedback like you'll see below is invaluable because it validates the work we've done and challenges us to do even more.

Meet Karl

When it comes to active outdoor sports, Karl’s main fitness passions are skiing and bicycling. We caught up with Karl recently to talk about cycling, his workout regimen, and what he's riding.  When he's not away on business, Karl typically rides 4 times per week. Distance typically range from 15 to 40 miles on his road bike. The hybrid bike comes out less often.

Karl's road rig is a Jamis Quest (he prefers the old school steel frames) with Brooks saddle and various upgrades.  His hybrid (Karl’s says its actually known as a “fitness” bike) is a Trek 7.2FX.

Karl's Review of MORR Eyewear

(These are the comments Karl posted to the MORR Protective Gear Facebook page at facebook.com/morrgear .)

"As an avid bicyclist I have tried many brands of sunglasses over the decades. I say without fear of contradiction that I am easily able to distinguish between a high quality pair of sunglasses and a poor quality pair of sunglasses. However, truth be told, I am unable to distinguish any significant optical differences between the better brands. Therefore, when selecting a high quality pair of sunglasses (I don’t waste money on the headache generating dime store sh@t) my decision often comes down to  value,  style, and sometimes (only sometimes)  brand  recognition (a.k.a. snob appeal). Value being at the top of my list.

I was fortunate to come across a company named MORRGEAR.COM where for a very inexpensive price (under 50 bucks); I could obtain a high quality pair of sunglasses and put them to the test against my much more costly Rudy Project, Oakley, and Maui Jim sunglasses. I tested various flavors of the MORRGEAR Starrley Z7 line of glasses. I tested gray and brown lenses (with and without the padding). I also tested clear lenses and tinted lenses with 2.0 X built-in readers. Here are my observations:

Methodology:   Over the course of a 3 week period, I went on multiple rides with various pairs of MORRGEAR and alternate brand sunglasses stored in pockets of my bike jersey. I swapped between pairs every 15 minutes or so. To assess nuances, I also cycled through the various pairs when stopped and while looking at stationary objects.


Optical Quality:   Whether coated (reflective/mirror or anti-fog), optical quality was indistinguishable from the better known brands. Images were clear whether viewed head-on or through peripheral vision. The glasses with embedded “readers” worked well and the magnification window was perfect size so as not to interfere with distance vision yet still see my bike computer clearly.

Lens Color:   I tried clear, brown and gray. My preference is grey for sun and clear for low light. I felt the brown may have provided a bit more contrast, better for shady areas and assessing terrain when on a trail (I tested on both road and trail rides) however the contrast difference was negligible and so it comes down to personal preference on lens color. I think the gray delivers a more natural color palette.

Fit:   I selected the Starrley Z7 model because I have a large head and this frame gave me best coverage. They are a wrap-around style with side temples that minimize sidelight infiltration, something I value in performance glasses. For fashion I would select another model like the Arristotle or Mozarrt but I typically take form over fashion when it comes to my bike kit.

The Starrley Z7 comes equipped with padding that sits on the inside of the frame to cushion impact. While I thought this to be a terrific idea and perhaps an added comfort feature, I soon discovered that in my case the seal made me perspire which I found to be annoying. I simply removed the padding and wiped away the remnants with some over-the counter solvent (Goo-Gone). Once removed, no issues

Comfort:   Adaptability of the bridge and temples made for a comfortable fit and the weight of the plastic frame and lenses was a non-issue and comparable to other brands with similar frame volume. Slotted airflow vents on the side prevented any fogging while still blocking the sun.

Finish:   Plastic frames are of high quality (and impact rated – damn near indestructible!). Fit and finish rivaled the most popular brands. No burrs, no inconsistencies.


These new-comers to the market, sold only online by the manufacturer ( MORRGEAR.COM ) are comfortable, of high quality, and most importantly a superior value. At their price point, it makes sense to keep several pairs for various conditions and not feel too badly when you lose them (as I periodically do). Truth be told, I spend more on a single pair of replacement lenses and/or interchangeable lenses for my name brand sunglasses than it costs to buy a pair of MORRGEAR glasses. Kudos to the new kid on the block.

Karl_Rabke_with_Bike_Italy Karl on bike trip
Karl on a bike trip in Italy.


The MORRgear Team
The MORRgear Team

We like to get outdoors and “do.” Mountain biking is one of many passions. We are always looking for the next breakthrough that will help us do what we love for as long as we want to (i.e., the rest of our lives). Gear that protects prolongs.

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