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Evil Bikes The Following: Further Inspection

by Clark Orr August 16, 2015

My favorite part of The Following with the Ibis 941 wheels is the unshakable traction in every situation. Flat turns, banked turns, dry or wet trails – this bike sticks like glue.

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The Louisville Mega Cavern

by Clark Orr July 03, 2015

Mega Cavern

Most other indoor parks are made from wood and rock. The Mega Cavern uses dirt for its trails and jumps which makes it just like being outside, except the conditions are always perfect. In fact, the Mega Cavern has a year round temperature of 60 degrees.  

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Mountain Biking in the Upper South - Louisville Kentucky's Cherokee Park

by Clark Orr June 23, 2015

Cherokee Park

I've ridden many places from coast to coast and I'm here to tell you that the south and mid west has some of the best mountain biking you'll experience anywhere. In this post, I'm going to talk about a park in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

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