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CHUMS rope retainer strap for sunglasses with adjustable tail slider

Sunglasses strap won't let them get away from you.


  • COLOR - Black, it goes with everything.
  • FORWARD MOUNTED - The means the strap attaches to the middle of the temple arms instead of the tip. Tip mounted straps can affect how the eywear fits and feels. Forward Mounted straps won't alter the eyewear's ability to grip and stay where they belong.
  • TAIL ADJUSTMENT - The slider allows you to cinch your glasses as tight to your head as you want them to be. Wind in your face is not going to make your glasses blow off your head (attention motorcyclists and speed boaters).
  • CHUMS- The premier brand for eyewear retainers, founded in 1983 by a Colorado River guide. MADE IN UTAH, USA.

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