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MORR about us

the beginning

My name is Clark Orr and I'm an outdoor sports enthusiast. I love to mountain bike and snow ski. I dabble in hunting, fishing, paddle boarding, kite boarding and golf. Along the way I've lost or broken more sunglasses than I care to admit. But it wasn't until I took up  mountain biking  that I realized something needed to be done. Biking is particularly hard on sunglasses. When I looked for quality eyewear at a reasonable price,  I couldn't find anything that was right for both the sport and my wallet . That's why I started this company.

         - Clark O, founder


the need

I love the technology of the equipment I use for mountain biking – especially when it really enhances my riding experience. I want to know what goes into the equipment I use. What I found out about sports eyewear is that we've been getting ripped off. I've spent hundreds of dollars on name brand glasses, and I'm here to tell you that a tree branch will break an expensive pair just as easily as it will any cheap pair. But who wants to wear drug store shades? My mission is to develop  a line of sports glasses that hits an affordable midrange price point using quality components that deliver the look and feel of an expensive name brand.

Bike Tools

the discovery

The same factory making frames and lenses for glasses that sell for hundreds of dollars will also make them for my company to my specifications. Big brands have big marketing budgets. I get it. Eyewear is a fashion item – you wear them on your face. The brands you wear say something about you and I'm no different. I own designer sunglasses, and you should too. What you shouldn't do is wear them in places where they are likely to get destroyed. Expensive designer glasses are great when you're driving. When you are at the pool.  At a horse race.  But if you're going all-in doing an outdoor sport that you love,  leave the expensive glasses in your car.


the technology

In addition to looking good,  your glasses need to feel comfortable and protect you . We've engineered all of that into MORR eyewear.

Our glasses are lightweight and designed to stay on your face.

Our temples have soft hydrophilic rubber that maintain grip when you are sweating. Same thing for our nose pieces and they actually work better when they get warm. A pair of glasses that are continually slipping off your face is really annoying – you won’t have that problem with MORR eye gear.

Our frames are impact and weather resistant.

The lenses are amazing. We had an independent lab do testing for UV light filtering and impacts from flying objects ( view 6 seconds of crazy shatter resistance recorded outside the lab). Even our clear lenses provide UV protection – it’s like sunblock for your eyes. Click here to learn more.


the concept

We have to forget the notion that a pair of sunglasses is going to last a long time. Let's be honest. Glasses get broken, scratched, lost or left somewhere other than where you need them. We simply require more than one pair of glasses.

I've spoken to a lot of people about this and they all agree.  It's smart to buy several pairs and keep them where you need them the most.  Your bike bag, the car, golf bag, in the garage, on the boat, in somebody's purse, your jacket pocket, and so on.

Own many pairs

the price

If you take good care of your MORR eyewear, a single pair could last for years. But... if catastrophe happens and you trash them, I've priced them low enough that you won't feel the remorse of having lost a big investment. You can just grab another pair.

the beliefs

We all need to stand for something. Here's what I stand for.

  • I believe everyone should be able to  afford good quality protective gear.
  • I believe that our high quality products  enhance what we experience when we pursue the things we're passionate about.
  • I believe that MORR is helping people  preserve their quality of life by shielding them from injury.

 Gear up. Find excitement. Live long.


the responsibility

for our planet: As outdoor sports enthusiasts, it's smarrt for all of us to be good stewards of our environment. That's why I insisted that the box your glasses come in use material that is Forest Stewardship Council certified ( us.fsc.org). This is a big deal. FSC's mission is to protect the world's forests for future generations. Our packaging material originates from responsibly managed sources. I urge you to reuse,  repurpose or recycle our packaging. If you wreck your glasses, please dispose of them responsibly or mail them back to us and we'll do it for you.

for others: It's smarrt to be aware of the people you share the trail with. If you see someone wiping mud from their eyes because they don't have protective glasses,  pay it forward. Give or loan them one of your spare pairs. Above all, let's have fun together and help each other be safe!

Ride MORR responsibly


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. I know you will experience tremendous value and enjoyment using MORR protective gear!

   ~ Clark O