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"Are MORR sunglasses available in different sizes?"

Each of our frames only come in one size. For example, the MARRCONI Z75 does not come in a smaller size.

"How can I tell which style will fit me the best?"

Size is subjective, so we’ve included info here on this website that should make it helpful to evaluate fit.

1) On each product page, there is a very brief description of fit under Distinguishing Features.

2) For more in depth information, go to the Specifications tab on each product page. (For example, click here to open the FRREUD Z5 product page.)

On the Specifications tab, look for “Fit” and “Flex.”  Frames with a high flex rating would me more comfortable on a wide head because they’ll stretch to adapt.  A frame that has a low flex rating is going to try to hold the shape you see in the pictures. The FRREUD Z5 is our most flexible frame.

3) There is a diagram with dimensions that’s in with the thumbnail images of each product. Take a pair of glasses that you know fit you well then do your best to take measurements that can compare directly to the dimensions we’ve provided.  This gives you a reasonably good idea how they compare. 

4) Look at pictures of other people wearing each style. You'll find a variety of photos on this website, on our Facebook pages, and on Instagram.  Or search Google Images for morrgear.

5) Still not sure? Go ahead and order a pair. If you take them out of the box and don’t like the fit, put them right back in and contact customer service for a full refund.

"Which models fit best for a wide head?"

The FRREUD Z5 has our most flexible frame, so it will comfortably adapt to a wide head size. Also take a look at the STARRLEY Z7. The MARRCONI Z75 will also fit a medium / wide head.

Compare the temple arms on the Z7 and Z75. Z75's have a more pronounced bow shape to grip your head. The Z7's have a bit less tension in their grip.

See more pictures

"What's the best fit for a narrow or small head?"

The MOZARRT Z50 and ARRISTOTLE Z65 are sized well for narrow faces. The Z65 also suits a narrow bridge width.

See more pictures

"What does the padding do?"

Our MAX PROTECTION eyewear is equipped with special closed-cell foam padding that's designed to reduce the potential for bruises from impacts with obstacles. The foam also acts as a gasket to discourage eye irritation from wind and debris. The padding has special channels engineered into it for venting that promotes healthy airflow.

Watch 2 videos here

"Will the padded frames fog up?"

If you chose a pair that has our proprietary Fog ARMORR treatment, it would be very difficult to make the lenses fog. But for those times when they do fog (such as when you first walk outside into the cold), expect them to clear up in a matter of seconds.

Our polarized and mirrored lenses do not have the Fog ARMORR treatment. Regardless, field testers have told us that they resist fogging. If you experience fogging in high humidity situations where you are standing still and there is little air movement, simply pull the glasses away slightly to allow more air flow to the back of the lens. You can also consider applying an anti-fog paste to the inside surface of the lens.

"Can the padding be removed?"

Yes, you can remove all of it or just a section.

Pull it off then use your finger to rub away any remaining material (it's similar to the sticky material that holds a new credit card to the paper they stick it to when they mail it to you). Residue can be removed with soap and water or a household cleaner like Goo-Gone.

"Do you offer polarized lenses?"

Yes! Our   polarized lenses  are made by specialists using the only manufacturing process that guarantees the light polarization is permanent and won't rub or scratch off. Injection molded, single piece, no glue. The most expensive polarized lenses you can buy do it the exact same way. 

"Are they sold in stores?"

Not at this time.  MORR eyewear can only be purchased online here, from our authorized dealer or from Amazon.

"Do you ship to countries other than the United States?"

We didn't used to, BUT WE DO NOW!\

"What is darrn?"