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Non Slip Nose Pads

Do your glasses slip and slide down your nose? For action sports participants like us, that moment of distraction or adjustment could be costly. This is a problem we needed to solve, and we did.

shiny plastic

To stay in the correct position, your eyewear relies on three touch points; the bridge of your nose and both sides of your head.  If the surfaces on the eyewear's bridge piece and temple tips are shiny plastic, guess what. When you start sweating, your glasses are going to slide down your nose. This is true regardless of how much you paid for the glasses. $200 shiny plastic slips just as much as $25 shiny plastic.

the solution

All MORR eyewear stays put because it uses a material that's formulated to prevent slippage. Our soft, hydrophilic rubber grips without chafing. The grip actually improves as your sweat! That's what makes MORR perfect for action sports.

nose pads

In addition to being slip resistant, MORR nose pads absorb shocks. If you have sensitive skin, you'll be happy to know the material is hypoallergenic. On some models, the nose pads are vented or ribbed. And they won't get tangled up in your hair if you like to set your glasses on top of your head. 

Nose Pads       Nose Pads on Padded Frames

Replaceable - Because they are always touching your sweating skin, all MORR nose pads are replaceable. Just contact us if you need replacements, we'll send you a set for free.



In eyewear jargon, the "arms" are called temples. MORR eyewear uses the same slip-resistant material where the temples contact your head. Here again, putting the right materials in the right places is what keeps MORR eyewear where it belongs during your sweatiest moments.  

Temple Tip 

Curve - When you put on a pair, you'll notice the temples have a bow curve. That was molded in to follow the natural contour of your head. That's why they hug your head without discomfort.

Bayonet Style - Temples on MORR eyewear are straight, they don't hook around your ears (one exception with the Z5 is noted below). The straight "bayonet' shape is what allows the eyewear to fit comfortably and securely under a helmet. Also makes them easy to slip on and off.

Couple of notes about specific styles:  The temples on the ARRISTITLE Z65 are smooth. The FRREUD Z5's have bendable temple tips. This allows you to give them a hook shape if you like.

Optional Retainer Strap

If you are a fan of retainer straps, we have an excellent model made for us by CHUMS. It will not interfere with how the eyewear fits behind your ears and does not compromise the non-slip material we designed into the temples. Check it out here