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Padded Glasses Frame

The MARRCONI Z75 and STARRLEY Z7 frames are equipped with  padded gasketing that is truly innovative. This low profile, surgical-grade, closed-cell foam serves two main purposes:

  • To discourage wind or debris from irritating your eyes
  • To protect the orbital area around your eye sockets from bruising if you were to take a hit to the face. 
Other side benefits include blocking stray light from getting in around the perimeter of the frame, and helping to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes.

Z75 Padding

Z7 padding


By using surgical-grade closed cell foam, it doesn't absorb and retain gunk and junk from your sweat like an open-cell sponge foam would. Our padding material is formulated to avoid becoming a bio hazard (literally). 

low profile

Notice that MORR's padding isn't thick. Our low profile design keeps the frames close to your face where they are less likely to interfere with your helmet or get snatched by the wind. Speed junkies on motorcycles, powered water craft, high speed bass boats, etc. have an appreciation for this.


Notice the channels cut into the padding. Those are engineered to allow just enough air flow to sweep the inside surface of the lens to prevent fogging. It is sometimes beneficial to have some air movement for this venting to occur.