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privacy notice

Effective Date: 4.1.2015

#1  About our Privacy Policy

We strongly urge you to carefully read our Privacy Policy. Every reputable website publishes one of these and we are no exception. Connoisseurs of Privacy Policies know that they are all the same, plus or minus a few words or clauses here and there. Hence, you'll find ours contains all of the terms you're used to seeing. The difference is in how we express ourselves. After all, we are trying to be smarrt.

Let's open with a classic phrase that describes how easy it was for you to accept this Privacy Policy.

Sometimes we get lazy and use the word Policy instead of Privacy Policy. It's all the same thing.

Our Policy only applies to information we've collected via our website. You should also know that "the internet" is not the same as this website. The internet is not something we control, so if there could very well be something going on out there on the world wide web that our Privacy Policy does not cover. That's true for all websites. We are not liable for things outside of our control.

If there is anything about our Privacy Policy you don't understand, just contact us.

#2  Who is MORRgear.com?

MORR Protective Gear and morrgear.com are owned by B2C Ventures, Inc. Throughout this Policy manifesto the use of the words "we, us, our" means "MORR Protective Gear." When we say, "this website" or "site" we mean morrgear.com which is an online store that sells products directly to consumers who are probably outdoor sports enthusiasts, or maybe they just know someone who is. Someone whose birthday is coming up (hint).

#3  Security – ways we keep the bad guys away from your information

We pay good money to keep your information secure. Let's start with your transaction. If you on a computer right now, see how the web address is shaded with green? GeoTrust does that. It issues a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. You're getting 256-bit encryption for the purpose of making all communications between your browser and our web servers private and secure. We're not messing around. We're also PCI Security Standards Council compliant which means we adhere to all criteria necessary for protection of your credit card account data. This is designed to mitigate data breaches and prevent credit card data fraud. Think about that next time you're browsing Ho Chi Min's el-cheapo-sunglasses.com. The take-away: Don't buy from amateurs.

There's also security employed to protect your information that may be stored on our servers. Our servers are triple protected by (i) a PCI-certified Web Application Firewall, (ii) advanced Bot detection and (iii) access control technologies, all for the purpose of protecting this website against known and emerging web application threats.

Access to data on our servers is on a need-to-know basis by a limited number of people who are required to maintain confidentiality. Our mission as stewards of morrgear.com data is to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of any information under our control.

All that being said, we don't guarantee anything. You should know by now that there will always be bad guys out there trying to figure out ways to abscond with personal information that you entered online with the best of intentions. That risk is not going away. Right, Sony?

#4  Do we collect information?

We gather the obvious stuff needed to fulfill your transaction when you buy from us; name, addresses, email, and whatever else you give us. We don't store your credit card information on the website. In fact, before it even gets to the servers on the back end where the order history is saved, your card data is encrypted so no one, not even us, can read anything more than the last 4 digits.

When you register on our website you can voluntarily tell us things about yourself such as your birthday, type of activities you enjoy, etc. The idea behind that is to help personalize your experience with us. For example, not many 20-something's are interested in reading glasses. If you contact Customer Care, we may ask you other info to help us help you. If you disclose personal information on our blog or on social media sites, "other people" (whoever they might be) can obviously see it and use it. You know this, right?

We're all friends here, so if you want to offer news of your engagement, ask for help choosing a name for your child (how about Morrty?), take sides in a divorce, ponder which hot sauce is best for pulled pork, or perhaps discuss the movie you just saw, please rest assured that we are not collecting that information. We'll leave that to governments, nosey neighbors and NetFlix. Oh, and Google.

There's also such a thing as non-personally identifiable information (this is starting to sound like a college class). Websites that want to continuously improve performance and the overall user experience use software that collects boring information that your computer or device transmits while online. Things like IP address, device and browser type, domain names, access times, referring websites, date and time your browser connected with our site. None of this information has your name attached to it. It does not know who you are. It's backend bits and bytes that geeks may or may not analyze. For example, if everyone stopped using Internet Explorer v4, our techies would see that and stop putting so much time into making it work. (Wait, didn't we do that one already?)

#5  How is information collected?

It almost sounds dumb to say this, but the #1 way we get your personal information is by you giving it to us. When you register on this website or place an order, you voluntarily type in things like your name, address, email, phone, etc. Same thing if you enter a contest, message us on social media, send us an email, call us or sign up for an event. We also pick up tidbits when you navigate our website. See #7. That's just how websites work. We didn't invent this stuff.

#6  Why is information collected?

You already know that we need "personally identifiable information" from you so we can process and ship your order. For example, we give your address to UPS so they can deliver your package.

Here's another good reason why we collect information from you; to make your life easier and more pleasant. It's not always about the transaction. When we have new products or specials, we want to tell you about them. We want to get your opinions on surveys. Maybe we'll want to send you free swag in the mail.

We also touched on this at the end of #4. That non-personally identifiable information is the kind of stuff that can be used for statistical analysis (the t-shirt for this says, "Better Living Through Statistics"). Anonymous data that indicates what visitors clicked on to get to our site or how users navigate around our website once they get here offer us insights for improvement. Maybe we shouldn't advertise in Better Homes & Gardens. Maybe our techies will figure out ways to feature just the stuff you're interested in the next time you visit. Maybe we have pages on our website that no one uses that we ought to get rid of. Your IP address can help us diagnose problems with our server. Capturing things like hits to our server, traffic patterns and page views are all stats that tell us our engine is running smoothly, just like those gauges and colorful lights on your car's dashboard.

#7  Everybody loves cookies (and why you should, too)

A cookie is a harmless little text file that your browser stores on your computer or device. We use them. They are not spyware. They don't deliver viruses. They are gluten free and have no taste (that was redundant). When you visit a website, it leaves you one of its cookies. The next time you visit that website, the plain text that's stored in the cookie file is retrieved by your browser which then tells the website to do something helpful like display the content you previously entered. If you set up a user name and password on the site, the cookie is what remembers that for you. Nobody can have your cookie. It's uniquely yours. It can only be read by the website that gave it to you.

Now imagine a world without cookies. You'd be hunched over and your fingers would be all crooked from constantly re-entering the same routine information over and over. You'd be grouchy and hate the internet because visiting websites would be so much work. Time you could spend with your loved ones would be wasted in front of your screen (well, that's probably true regardless). Yes, the world would be dark and gloomy without cookies.

We spread cookies like rays of sunshine in the lives of people just like you. A cookie recognizes you when return to our website. It greets you by name when you log in. It remembers things you typed into a form so that if you hit your back button and then return, you don't have to retype everything. It remembers stuff you left in your cart last time you shopped but didn't check out.

Cookies make your friends at morrgear.com feel good, too. They help us with website administration. They help us understand which pages are visited more often and how well they work for our users. Notice we said "our users." We did not say "you." Those little buggers don't identify people. They're just counters that stream machine readable characters to analytical tools. Sometimes we work with trusted partners who do our number crunching on anonymous data. More about that in #8. We're not going to sell information collected by a cookie. That goes against everything we stand for. We spit on that idea.

All that being said, if you don't want cookies you don't have to have them. Your browser has a setting that blocks them. If that makes you feel better, have at it. Just don't get grouchy if it also turns off all the cool features that personalize our site with your preferences and time savers.

#8  Do we share information?

Let it be known that MORR Protective Gear does not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information. Exception: We do share it with trusted partners. We talked about UPS in #6. We may also use trusted third parties to help us conduct our business. How about those guys who process your payment and provide fraud protection. We also may use a digital marketing agency to help us get the word out. Any such third party we work with is bound by big hairy non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from fondling any information our website has collected. Access to your info by our employees and authorized third parties is on a need-to-know basis.

Then there is the police. Heaven forbid we are required by law or, in good faith, believe that that it is necessary to comply with a legal process or find it necessary to defend ourselves or our users. If that were to happen we will take the high road and do the right thing if the right thing is to fork over information in our possession. We abide by the law. It's a much bigger hassle not to.

Lastly, that non-personally identifiable information we talked about way up in #4 could be useful for making decisions about marketing, advertising, etc. and because it's not traceable back to you, it may be shared for the purpose of analyzing how we spend our money.

#9  Might there be links to 3rd parties?

Possibly, yes. We could very well offer third party products or services on our website. We already offer ways to link to social media sites. Third parties have their own stinkin privacy policies and we have no control over any of that. Hence, we have no liability for what might happen over there on those other sites you link to from ours. But hey, if you have a bad experience let us know. If we have to start yelling at people, we will.

#10  Access to personal information

Information possibly related to this topic can be found in #4, #6, #7, #8, or #13.
When you registered on our website you set up a user name and password. Login anytime to edit or delete your personal information. If you want to be completely removed from our database, just say so with an email to customercare@morrgear.com.

Let's get all misty and hypothetical. Suppose we sell the company, or merge with another one, or reorganize, go belly up, sell stock, or anything else that might cause us to tally up our assets. Our lists of personally identifiable information are a company asset that gets accounted for like any other asset. That could include our list of customers, website users, mailing lists, etc. Likelihood? We're thinking Mars will be colonized before something like this comes around.

#11  Unsubscribing from our friendly emails or direct mail

We treat members of the MORR Gear community the way we want to be treated. When we discover something we like, we want to be informed about it and we often share it with others. We don't like pushy or hard selling. If you every think we're acting that way, please tell us. That being said, should you ever want to stop receiving our messages or direct mail (otherwise known as opting out, getting off the list, complying with a directive from your boss, activating your invisibility cloak, etc.), then just send an email to CustomerCare@morrgear.com or use whatever unsubscribe link might be on the email itself. You'll still receive order acknowledgement emails as part of our transaction and fulfillment processes.

#12  Sorry kids. Children’s Privacy Matters

Okay you youngsters, listen up. If you are under 13 years old (you know who you are), you need to stop right now and summon a parent or guardian to read this. It's not our rule. Somebody passed a law that says you cannot click around our website without your mom, dad or guardian (or your dad's guardian). Not that you'll see anything scary. The fact is, we love you but we don't market to you, and we do not specifically direct emails or direct mail to children (we're not a tobacco company). Your privacy is extremely important, and we'll help you as much as we can without violating it. You under 13 people can help us by not attempting to register with MORRgear and you should NEVER provide any personal info to ANY website (including this one) without the permission of a parent or legal guardian. When you get a bit older, we'll expect to see you back here with dad's credit card (and his permission to use it, of course).

#13 California! Like an angel.

God bless California. Our elected fathers and mothers in Sacramento want only the best for their fellow citizens. It's in that spirit that we support the California Online Privacy Protection Act. (Did you hear trumpets, too?) California Civil Code Section 1798.83 permits our customers who are documented residents of California to submit an annual request to us for information about personal information (if any) that was disclosed during the previous calendar year to third parties for direct marketing purposes. (We're thinking that's going to be "none.")

#14  Updates to this Policy

We're only human. We slip and fall sometimes and, just like you, we get back up and try again until we get it right. Stop back here from time to time and see if we've posted any updates to this Policy.

The End. Finally!
You must be thirsty by now.