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satisfaction guarantee

How we feel about it

We stand behind our products. We don't sell what we wouldn't choose to use ourselves. We want you to have great experiences and enjoyment using MORR gear.

But what if

If you open the box and don't like the product, put it right back into the package in resellable, unused condition and contact us. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and we'll take care of you. We won't mess around with store credits. We'll refund your credit card so you can start fresh. We'll point you towards one of our other products that may be a better fit for you, but we won't hold your money as ransom for another purchase. Please read our warranty policy for all the finer points.

Before you buy

We try to help you be an informed buyer. We have gobs of information on our website about each product. There are lengthy descriptions, a Specifications tab, some good pictures and reviews. We also provide the dimensions of our glasses so you can measure a pair you like and compare them to ours. That may help you judge how they will fit. Last but not least, you can contact us and we'll gladly talk about anything that will help you make an informed decision.


warranty policy

Let's do this in plain English.

House Rules

Every game has rules, and warranties are no different. Once you understand the rules, playing is easy. You'll find that we're good sports and we play fair.  If you open the box and don't like the product, put it right back into the package in resellable, unused condition and contact us. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and we'll take care of you.

   1.   To play the game, you need to be our customer and
       you need a receipt from us

Did you buy the product from us?

It's not such a dumb question. If you bought MORR eyewear from a place like eBay or Craigslist, you're not actually our customer. We hate to say it, but you'll have to go back to them if there's an issue. But, if you have a valid receipt showing you purchased the product from us, we can get down to the business of keeping you happy.

   2.   Let's get it taken care of right away

A warranty claim is like a ripe banana. You need to do something with it soon or it won't be any good.  The moment you realize there might be a situation, contact us.  Regulation play (the warranty period) runs for 30 days from date of purchase.

   3.   There is no "warranty processing fee" for each order

We were surprised to see how many other companies who sell eyewear want you to pay them to process your warranty claim. That doesn't sound smarrt. Keep your card in your wallet. We'll work this thing out.

   4.   You might need to ship your products back to us

Sometimes the solution involves sending products back to us. If that's the case, you'll need to put a copy of your packing list or the email order confirmation receipt inside the package when you return it to us. We want to make sure we can identify your package and that your claim is processed correctly. 

Make sure anything you send us is well packed and protected.  Whatever's in the package belongs to you until it arrives at our facility. If the shipper crushes it, you remain the sole owner of the crushed contents.

Ship via UPS or FedEx and get the tracking number so the package is traceable. It's not our package until we've signed for it.



Those are the rules.
Now let's consider the Situations we may have to resolve.


Situation #1:  Something is wrong

MORR eyewear is a good quality product. If you receive a pair of glasses that doesn't look like what you see in our pictures, then you'll need to send us some pictures or videos of your own along with a copy of your receipt from us. Was there a factory mistake? A case of bad workmanship? Did we put the wrong product in the box? 

In situations like these, we'll work with you to determine whether or not we need to have the products shipped back to us. If we agree the product needs to be returned, put a copy of your packing list or the email order confirmation receipt inside the package when you return it to us. Contact CustomerCare and we will email a prepaid shipping label to you. The objective here is to get you the products you want as soon as we can with as little hassle as possible.


Situation #2:  You just don't like the glasses you purchased

Hey, it happens (but we hope it doesn’t). You tried them on and they're just not right for you. Put them right back in the original box just the way you found them (don't forget the black microfiber case!) then send it back to us with the packing list or a copy of your order confirmation email. Return shipping is at your expense. If we can put the unworn/unused product back on the shelf for the next person, we'll refund your full purchase price. NOTE: If we don't receive the products back from you in resell-able condition, there will be a restocking charge of $10 per pair deducted from your refund. We'll credit your card within 7 to 10 days after receiving the product. You might have to wait until your credit card's next monthly billing cycle before you see the refund. You know how banks can be.


Situation #3:  You broke 'em

Now let's say you take your new MORR eyewear for a spin and something unexpected happens, possibly through no fault of your own, resulting in the glasses becoming damaged (i.e., "damage, wear and tear or degradation that occurred after the glasses were delivered to you"). Will we repair or replace the product? Actually... probably not*. It was our choice to not charge the inflated profit margins that seem to be the norm in the eyewear industry. When you see a pair of glasses with a "lifetime warranty," it typically means you paid extra for it (think "insurance policy") or there's a "replacement charge," which means you're paying the full price for what the glasses should have cost in the first place! We're being honest with you. We charge a fair price for a darn good product. If the glasses get damaged (which isn't easy), toss them into the recycle bin or repurpose them. [* Exceptions: The nose pads are easily replaceable. If you need a pad or two, just email us. If you believe there was a manufacturer's defect, please contact us.]



Now for the Legalese (still plain English, though)...

Limitation on Damages: With the exception of the limited warranty stated above, MORR Protective Gear makes no additional warranties, express or implied including, without limitation, the implied warrant of merchantability or the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.  In the event of any warranty claim, including breach of warranty ,, you are limited to damages of repair of the product or replacement with an identical or equivalent style, at the election of MORR Protective Gear. MORR Protective Gear IS NOT LIABLE for any other damages, such as special, incidental, or consequential damages, resulting from your purchase of the product or your use of this product. 

All warranties that are implied by law are also limited for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.

The limited warranty herein is valid only to the original purchaser with a proof of purchase from MORR Protective Gear that clearly shows the purchase date. MORR Protective Gear does not warrant against any lens scratches. Alteration, misuse, abuse, will void this warranty. The customer's exclusive remedy for a breach of warranty will be the repair or replacement of the item as determined by MORR Protective Gear. The warranty does not affect the legal rights of customers under applicable state or national laws governing the sale of consumer goods.