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Anti Fog Paste

Blu Goo anti-fog paste transforms your lenses with condensation resistance that outperforms all other aftermarket treatments.

The world's smarrtest anti fog paste

Skip the towelettes and sprays. Our worldwide search for a truly effective anti fog treatment you can apply yourself took us to a laboratory right here at home in Utah USA. Blu Goo cleans your lenses, makes them anti-static so they stay clean longer and, most importantly, makes them highly resistant to fogging.

Wait, it gets better... Blu Goo is biodegradeable. So even though it looks blue, it's also GREEN! (You already know the folks here at MORR appreciate that.)

How doo yoo Goo? Use a small dab on a soft cloth, rub it onto your lenses, let it dry to a haze, then buff. It's just like waxing your car or bike.

If you have mirrored lenses, apply to the inside lens surface only. DO NOT USE if your MORR eyewear already has the Fog ARMORR (FA) treatment.

Blu Goo is not a permenant treatment like Fog ARMORR. You'll have to re-apply from time to time depending on how often you clean your glasses.

The container holds 1/8 ounce and is good for over 300 treatments.

Don't forget to use Blu Goo on ski goggles, eye protection for paintball or air-soft, scuba masks and whatever else gets in front of your eyes. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, "Use Blu Goo to fill in small scratches on your DVDs and BlueRay discs!" (That's actually true.)