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Fancy display box for 10 pair

Keep your glasses collection safe in this 10 pair box with hinged cover. Selecting which pair to wear will be like choosing a fine cigar.

Smarrt eyewear deserves special treatment.

The MORR 10 pair box is perfect for displaying your collection of MORR eye gear. Keep every pair in one convenient place to make it faster and easier to choose which one to wear.

Giving MORR as a gift? The 10 pair box is the perfect way to impress, regardless of how many pair you start out with.

How will you display your glasses? Some people lay the black microfiber bag in the bottom of the tray. Others insert the box label on the bottom of the tray for easy reference. Perhaps you'll want to write notes on each individual tray. Send us a picture of how you display yours!

This box is constructed of sturdy fiber board. Not intended for use in harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, or hail. The thick glossy lid is hinged but it does not latch.